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How about upgrading your home, saving tons of money on your energy bill to pay for another upgrade in a few months and at the same time doing something good for the environment? Go SOLAR today.

Cape Fear Solar Becomes a Trade Ally for Santee Cooper in SC

Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC became a solar Trade Ally for Santee Cooper's customers in South Carolina. Santee Cooper's rooftop solar programs for ...
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Open Solar House in Wilmington, NC

One of our dear customers, Harold & Jennifer Jarvis, are opening their home to all solar enthusiasts that would like to learn about solar pane...
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Have you considered putting renewable energy to work for you?

Thinking about going solar? Aware of the many benefits associated with harnessing the unlimited power of the sun? At Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC we are here to provide you with the essential information necessary to make an informed choice regarding the use of solar power in its various forms.

Cape Fear Solar Systems - PV System, Wilmington NCWhether it is the sun, wind or water, alternative energy is the ‘most’ modern movement of our time. If you are concerned about our dependence on foreign energy sources, the rapidly escalating cost of energy, and the environmental impact of burning fossil fuel, then by integrating solar power into your home or business, you can do what is good for the environment by doing what is good for you, your family and your community.

Well-designed and properly installed solar systems enable you to drastically reduce your power bill and put you on the road to energy independence.

The advanced technologies available today are made even more attractive by State and Federal incentives that have never been better. Solar systems designed for the production of electricity (PV), domestic hot water (DHW), and pool heating not only last in excess of 25 years, but offer rates of return competitive with or greater than what is available, and add to the overall value of your home or business as well. Let Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC show you that not only does the energy side of solar make sense, the financial one does too.

For a more detailed look at how Wilmington, NC based Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC can make the sun work for you, take a moment to look over the web site and review the options and incentives that are currently available. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. Let us know if you would like to visit an actual installation and to request a site assessment.

If you want to learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 910-409-5533, we will be happy to assist you.

Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC has a NABCEP Certified Solar Thermal Installer™, NABCEP Certified Solar PV® Installer, and Certification in NABCEP PV Technical Sales.™ We are proud to be one of the most qualified solar installers in Southeastern North Carolina!

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