82 Year Old Couple Wins the Trip of a Lifetime

Reading time: 2 minutes 11/07/2017 News, Press Releases

Cape Fear Solar Systems is Sending the Adams to Prague!

Dr. Richard and Lynne Adams, both 82 years of age, just won the trip of a lifetime from Cape Fear Solar Systems. In celebration of Cape Fear Solar’s first 10 years in business they held a summer contest entitled, “What’s on Your Roof?”, asking their customers to share photos, videos, selfies and stories on Cape Fear Solar’s social media pages. The goal was for customers to show the rest of the world how solar technology affected their lives.

Cape Fear Solar received many creative and compelling submissions but none stood out as much as the Adams story titled, “82-Year-Old Couple Enjoying Solar”. The story was written by Lynne Adams. Because of her endearing story, the Adams couple won a trip to Prague, Czech Republic including airfare and accommodation along with private guide services from Cape Fear Solar’s very own Linda Hanykova. Travel dates are yet to be determined but the trip will take place in 2018.

“Who would have thought that two almost 80-year-olds would put solar panels on their roof? More to the point is ‘why’ at their age would they even bother?” reads the first sentences of the Adams solar story. The Adams contacted Cape Fear Solar to install solar panels on their Wilmington residence back in 2015. It’s been almost 3 years and they still enjoy receiving their near zero electric bills.

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The story ends with a statement portraying the Adams confidence in their decision to go solar at 80 years of age. “We are now both 82 and enjoy our smugness at having made the decision to go solar. We firmly believe when it comes time to sell that it will help make for a quick sale for us or our children. We have saved our first bill and all the others in case we need to show them to a potential buyer. It is our pleasure to share this happy story with you and any who read it. So instead of our friends saying, ‘what were you thinking’ they wonder why they haven’t done it. We love that Cape Fear Solar Systems has received national recognition for the fast and courteous service they offer.”

Dr. Richard and Lynne Adams prove that solar is beneficial for people of any age. As the cost of electricity continues to rise and fossil fuels become scarce more people are moving towards owning their own clean energy by having solar panels installed. “Solar makes sense environmentally and financially,” stated Robert Parker, Cape Fear Solar Systems Project Manager. “Our customers own their electricity instead of ‘leasing’ energy from the utility company and the Adams are no exception. They also have comfort knowing their home will appraise higher and sell quicker,” concludes Parker.

Cape Fear Solar Systems is excited to welcome the Adams to Prague. The Adams hope to inspire other retired individuals to go solar. Solar has proven to be a smart investment for many.

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