Maximize Your Savings

Refinance Your Mortgage With Solar

With today’s low mortgage rates* and high energy cost, you can maximize your savings when you refinance your mortgage and include your solar project.

  • No out-of-pocket cost
  • Lower monthly cost
  • Energy independence
  • 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

Take advantage of mortgage refinancing with solar today! You’ll be glad you did.

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Maximize My Savings

Ready to lower your monthly costs, get solar with zero out of pocket expenses, and receive a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit?

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How Does Refinancing With Solar Work?

First, we’ll pair you with a Residential Solar Project Developer. They’ll ask you a few questions about your current electric usage and energy goals. The Project Developer will work with you to co-create a solar solution that’s just right for your home. If you decide to move forward, we’ll pair you with an experienced solar mortgage lender* so they can help you include solar with your mortgage refinance! If you have a lender in mind, great! If they allow refinancing to include solar, we can send you any required paperwork as the solar installer.

In our experience, the refinancing process typically takes 4-8 weeks. While the lender is preparing everything for your refinance, we’ll get your solar project started. Typically this includes ordering materials, filing all necessary permits, engineering and many other behind the scenes task needed to prepare for your solar project. We will add your project to our installation schedule and be ready to deliver once your mortgage refinance is finalized.

*Cape Fear Solar Systems is not a mortgage lender. Not all borrowers will qualify. Rates and terms are determined by the lender and can change at any time. Not all lenders will allow for solar funding. Payments, terms and conditions will be provided by the lender. Cape Fear Solar Systems is not directly affiliated with any lenders. To learn more about solar funding options contact Cape Fear Solar Systems. For all other details, contact the lender you select for your mortgage refinance.

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