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The idea for this newsletter was born from a few conversations with solar customers, who continue to be pleased with the performance of their CFSS solar array. But, these customer were interested in more – they wanted to stay in the loop about ways the industry at large was developing, and about other projects that CFSS is working on. Our goal is to provide an interactive, fascinating, and fun monthly update with our customers, as well as anyone else who’d be interested in joining the email list.

The decision to install solar, in addition to obvious financial and environmental benefits, can feel like being inducted into a society, a “club”, of early adopters and forward thinkers. Many of you have told us about ways that adding solar has changed your relationship with energy – the way it’s used and produced – and even changed the way that you look at rooftops! It can almost be like a scavenger hunt – seeing new solar installations pop up in your neighborhood, or finally noticing solar roofs that have been around for a long time.

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