Wilmington's First Solar Carport

Wilmington’s First Solar Carport

Cape Fear Solar Systems installs Wilmington’s very first solar carport.

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Cape Fear Solar Systems | Wilmington, NC | Honduraz

Energy from Cape Fear Solar Lights Up Lives in Honduras

In Partnership with the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary in Wilmington, NC, Cape Fear Solar Systems is proud to support lives of children and...

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Sunpower Panels

Customer Testimonial – Mr. David Long

Solar customer, Mr. David Long explains why he installed solar on his home and business.

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Love the sun, love solar

Let’s make this year count.

Make this year count with solar.

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Cape Fear Solar Systems | Wilmington, NC | SunPower

SunPower Solar Power Dr. Swanson

SunPower solar power explained by Dr. Swanson

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The Best Solar Panels

SunPower vs Conventional Cells

SunPower vs Conventional Cells – What’s the difference?

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How Solar Works

SunPower How Solar PV Works

SunPower: How Solar Works

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