First Solar Carport Constructed in Wilmington, NC

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First Solar Carport Constructed in Wilmington, NC

Cape Fear Solar Systems Installs First Photovoltaic Carport Structure in Town

WILMINGTON, NC, May 30, 2017 – Wilmington’s first solar carport has been raised by Cape Fear Solar Systems for the New York Forwarding Services Inc site located near the North Carolina State Port. New York Forwarding Services, a global freight forwarder, invested in this 56.6 kW solar generation project to offset the company’s energy demand, lower their utility bills and provide environmental stewardship to the community.

Jim Augusta, president of New York Forwarding Services, shares his solar journey, “Solar has been on our minds for many years now. In 2013, an out of state solar company installed a roof-mounted solar system, which proved not to be the right decision, given their limitations to travel to the site and limited experience with coastal conditions.” Jim continues to explain: “A poorly designed solar system ended up damaging our roof, but the savings were too great to give up on the solar panels. We wanted to have the panels re-installed and we chose the carport structure to keep our big trucks that bring back the cargo parked underneath.,” the investor further states. “The second time, we were clear on our requirements for a local solar installer to have someone in proximity in case of any questions or technical issues down the road.” says Mr. Augusta.

Cape Fear Solar Systems is the leading solar company in the region having designed and installed over 400 residential solar systems since its inception in 2007, and built more than a dozen commercial grade solar power generating systems, including carports in other areas of the Port City region. This carport structure is, however, the first of its kind within the Wilmington city limits.

John Donoghue, president of Cape Fear Solar, states, “We are grateful to have been awarded by New York Forwarding Services the contract for engineering, procurement, and construction of the solar carport that will power their Shipyard location.” Donoghue continues, “it has been a pleasure to collaborate with them and we hope to establish a long-term partnership, as the area is experiencing more commercial-scale demand for solar systems, given the favorable economics for business and other commercial entities.”

The ground-mounted single axis solar carport saves almost $1,000 monthly in electricity expenses. This project clearly demonstrates our commitment to lower our carbon footprint and ongoing initiatives to produce our own energy and rely less on the grid,” highlights Mr. Augusta.

Familiarity with the local natural elements is one of the key competitive advantages when hiring a local company versus an out of state organization. “We are now poised to enjoy 25 years of warrantied  power production, with a life expectancy exceeding 40+ years,” Mr. Augusta says excitingly. “Now, we look forward to receiving our electricity bills and we will be happy to share our experience with solar power and the company that installed it, Cape Fear Solar Systems, with anybody interested,” Jim mentions.

The design of this carport structure was a challenging task, given the strict set of engineering and geo-technical requirements. The carport structure consists of 222 solar panels and 5 inverters, it has a 7 degree tilt to optimize it position towards the sun, placed on a 5-pillar steel reinforced system going 10 feet into the ground to meet the rigid wind load requirements with respect to the local soil consistency. “Being near the river, we had to run tests to avoid shallow water and engineer a foundation capable of meeting the 130 MPH wind load requirements for this zone. I would like to express our thanks to the Planning and Permitting Departments of the City of Wilmington for their support and cooperation as well as to Wooten’s Electric Inc for being a great partner in this project,” Donoghue adds.

This construction is certainly making an impact on the local solar scene, as it is the first solar carport structure installed in Wilmington. “We hope many more similar projects will follow in private as well as public places, as this is a fantastic use of space, providing many additional benefits such as shade for parked cars or bicycles, EV charging stations or simply outside shaded resting areas,” Donoghue from Cape Fear Solar says, “not to mention that it is an economically viable investment to extend income sources and lower operational costs for business entities and governmental organizations.” Jim concludes, “this is a win-win situation for everyone: the company benefits from the solar power by having lower electricity bills, our employees have an easy way to keep our trucks out of the hot sun and rain, and we produce clean energy to give back to the environment.”


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