Solar Is Making the Cape Fear Region a Sustainable Living Destination

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Solar Is Making the Cape Fear Region a Sustainable Living Destination

Over the last 10 years we have seen more and more people opting for clean renewable energy and started to ask WHY. We always knew the area was rich in abundant solar resources, and people are drawn to if for its beauty.

We are a population that is interested at the same time in saving money and doing something good for the community, whether it be managing our coastline, or keeping tabs on local development.

Many folks are fed up with the national energy policy and looking to take charge of the one bill that is out of their control. A homeowner can switch cable, phone, internet and other service providers if not happy and satisfied with the services, you can even refinance when mortgage rates get better. But energy has only been available from one source, until the recent boom of solar power, coupled with price declines, making the technology available to everyone.

People are recognizing that the time is right to manage their energy needs.

What we are extremely pleased to see is utilities, especially the local ones, fully enhancing solar power as a standard energy resource. The tide has started rolling in with Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation ranking #5 NATIONALLY for installed solar per capita.

Have a look at the attached link, second table down:

Solar for your home
Solar for your business