Heating Up Your Water With The Sun

Reading time: Less than a minute 05/16/2017 News

Heating Up Your Water With The Sun

In a typical household the heating of water usually accounts for 15%-30% of the electric bill.

Hot water is used for a variety of purposes and the main draws are showers, baths, the dishwasher and the washing machine.

A solar thermal system with good exposure is able to provide enough hot water for a family, meaning that the electrical backup elements are rarely used. We actually have many customers who actively turn off the breaker to their hot water tank so that they know they are running 100% off the sun!

Our systems also come with a brand new tank so if yours is getting to the end of its lifetime then this is a great opportunity to change it out for something that will save you money on a daily basis.

If you are find yourself taking long showers, taking baths, and doing laundry on a daily basis then consider a solar thermal system and schedule a free site assessment today.


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