Why are so many people making the switch to solar?

Make a Difference Today
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Families and business buy new electronic devices all the time and our energy bills keep increasing. In the past 10 years, utility rates have increased by 3.4% percent on a yearly basis.*

Property owners want more energy independence and solar is the solution to save money, protect the environment, and make use of the valuable asset that is your roof.

How It Works

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can generate clean, cost-effective power anywhere the sun shines. This video shows how a PV panel converts the energy of the sun into renewable electricity to power homes and businesses.

How Much Does It Cost

Purchase or Finance With $0 Down Financing Options

We have attractive financing and flexible payment plans. Our financing options make solar affordable for everyone. Years of savings can start with little to no cost up front.

Our solar consultants will explain the simple process of no money down and low cost financing options available when going solar with Cape Fear Solar.


With our mobile app, you can instantly see how much power your system is generating at any given time. We can also set it up for you to monitor your energy consumption!


Design & Engineering


Installation &

Enjoy Your Free Energy

No Maintenance Needed

Solar panels require no scheduled maintenance. The rain we get typically does the work of cleaning the panels. If you prefer to clean them yourself during the heavy pollen season, you can use a standard garden hose when the panels are not hot.

Solar for your home
Solar for your business