In a world that seems to be full of uncertainty, one thing
you can count on is that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
bet on the sun,
and count on solar
to deliver energy today, tomorrow, and all the years to come.


Gain freedom and control over your energy bills, save thousands, and take advantage of the current federal solar tax credit, all while doing your part to help the environment.*

Installing solar.

We’re more than a solar panel installation company.

With over a decade of solar expertise, Cape Fear Solar Systems provides photovoltaic solar systems, home batteries, electric vehicle charging, and other solar solutions. Our focus is to remain local, allowing us to continue lasting relationships with our customers long after they start enjoying energy independence. We only install solar-related products, allowing our team to truly be solar energy experts from the initial design and installation, to providing ongoing production monitoring and care for your system.

Our mission is to empower North Carolina home and business owners to produce, manage, and utilize solar energy to save money, protect the environment, and enrich their family’s lifestyle.

It’s time to experience the value of energy independence.

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How much are you spending on your electricity?

  • $0
  • $1000
  • $2000+
Average $100 Monthly
Average $1200 Annually

Instilling confidence.

Leading Solar Power Technology.

Cape Fear Solar Systems only installs the best solar system technology. Our solar panels offer the highest efficiency paired with industry leading warranties.

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