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Phone Call Scam Alert (callers stating they are from Carolina Solar, July 2022):

We have been made aware that agents claiming to represent Carolina Solar have been falsely representing an affiliation with Cape Fear Solar Systems. We take these actions very seriously and our legal team is taking immediate action. Reports filed state callers identifying as Carolina Solar agents have been locating solar customers by utilizing personal contact information poached from the North Carolina Utilities Commission records—which are not permitted to be used for the purpose of solicitation. The public records being accessed include homeowner contact information, solar system size, and the installation company contracted to perform the solar installation. The callers are using this information to ask for referrals for their company and a claim to pay $1,500 for qualified referrals. We believe this to be a scam, as no ethical company would follow these practices and falsify a relationship with a local established company and their customers. The representatives claiming to be with Carolina Solar have been found using a different phone number each time they call—we believe they are attempting to avoid being traced and reported.

If you receive a call from an agent stating they are with Carolina Solar or any other solar company attempting to solicit solar services stating they are affiliated with Cape Fear Solar, email us at with the date, time, and phone number—along with as many details as you can collect during the call.

Thank you to our many loyal customers who initially alerted us of this terrible scam.

Door Knocker Scam Alerts:

We have been made aware that door knockers sent out by a national solar company have been attempting to impersonate Cape Fear Solar Systems personal. We take these actions very seriously and our legal team is taking action. Reports filed state, door knockers belonging to a national company were endangering neighborhood families and when confronted, falsified their representation of working for Cape Fear Solar Systems. The most recent identification was a woman, wearing a blue shirt in the Raleigh area, however, it is believed that the company has instructed all their canvassers to give out false contact information when conflict arises (as multiple reports are being filed at this time).

While from time to time, our staff will place door hangers in neighborhoods, our staff will NEVER knock on your door uninvited. All individuals authorized to place door hangers on your door will have a photo on our website (click here) and will follow all CDC, local, and federal guidelines to protect you and your families during the current pandemic.  Additionally, our staff will always have identification (business cards, photo ID or website verification, and company literature). If you’re solicited by a Cape Fear Solar impersonator, please share a detailed description of your encounter by emailing us at or calling (910) 409-5533, so we can continue pursuits to stop these fraudulent representations.

Duke Energy Impersonator Alert:

Duke Energy and Cape Fear Solar Systems are aware that multiple solar companies are actively impersonating Duke Energy representatives or falsifying information about solar incentives. if you are approached by a solar company claiming to be with Duke Energy, please verify their partnership by visiting If you believe you have been approached by a Duke Energy impersonator, we urge you to report the incident to Duke Energy.

Companies that have partnered with Duke Energy (including Cape Fear Solar Systems) have been vetted through Duke Energy (Find it Duke) to provide exceptional craftmanship and service. This means all staff have been background checked for your families safety, proper licenses and insurances are held, and customer satisfaction ratings are kept high. Companies that are part of the Find it Duke program, are not Duke Energy representatives. Falsely acting as a Duke Energy employee is not only dishonest—it’s illegal.

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