Use Your Rooftop to Increase Your Revenue

There's a reason many businesses are adopting solar as a financial strategy and marketing opportunity.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Offset up to 100% of your energy needs and reduce your utility bill

Improved Profitability

A lower overhead means a higher profit margin.

Depreciation Advantages

Take advantage of your solar asset with accelerated depreciation schedules.

Decreased Tax Liability

A 30% federal tax credit and potential additional adders means a decreased tax liability.

Increased Property Value

On average, the addition of solar panels increases your property value by 4%.

Competitive Advantages

Differentiate yourself from your competition with social responsibility.

What is Social Responsibility?

In the age of 'two-day delivery' and curbside pickup, consumers are being more selective than ever when spending their hard-earned dollars, preferring companies that best meet their lifestyle. And the latest lifestyle shift in the past few years? Adopting a more sustainable ethos.

In two separate studies conducted by NielsenIQ and Aflac, 77-78% of consumers favored companies with sustainable practices, with 60% willing to pay a premium because of them. Additionally, 73% of investors said such efforts "contribute[d] to their investment decisions."

Businesses are adopting greener habits to respond to this shift, and they're winning awards because of it. When it comes to sustainable practices, it's no longer as much about standing apart as it is meeting the new status quo. How your business accomplishes this--that's how you can shine bright.

The Cape Fear Solar Difference

Cape Fear Solar Systems has been installing solar since 2007 in the Cape Fear region. We offer turn-key solar projects for businesses of all sizes.

Design, engineering, and material sourcing

Permitting, construction, and inspection management in accordance with local regulations

Working directly with your utility to connect to the power grid

Project management during every step of the way

Post-installation energy monitoring to assure predicted performance and secure your investment

Featured Case Studies

With most of our business coming from referrals, we don't need to door knock! Here's what a few customers had to say:

We are installing in your neighborhood.

Cape Fear Solar Systems has been empowering local home and business owners with energy independence since 2007.