Electricity is something a lot of us take for granted. That is, until hurricane season comes around and we wonder whether our lights will go out as we listen to the storm raging around us.

Solar panels paired with one or more batteries can alleviate this worry. Depending on the product, the switch from grid power to battery reserves can be seamless, without any lights flickering or even your stove's clock resetting.

But how many batteries do you need for your home? Well, that number is entirely dependent on what you're looking to power when the grid goes down.

One Battery
For homeowners looking to be able to power their basic energy loads--lights, internet, fans, and their refrigerator--one battery will suffice.

Two Batteries
With the addition of a second battery, HVAC units will typically have enough power to be able to start, though their size will determine for how long. Smaller homes may also be able to be fully backed up with only two batteries.

Three Batteries +
For most homes to have enough backup power to run everything, at least three batteries are required. Of course, the larger the home and the more energy it consumes, the greater the number of batteries that are required.

We recommend consulting with one of our Residential Project Developers about how much storage your home will need, in the event of a power outage.