Why is it that all new developments have a higher adoption rate of solar?

It could be that cutting-edge builders and developers recognize that optimizing a lot layout for solar power can attract increasingly energy conscious customers who realize:

  • It is less expensive to generate electricity with solar than to use the grid
  • Systems are cash positive from day one
  • Added value to the home is greater than the cost
  • New mortgage options allow for solar investment to be folded into the home price, without the need to be approved for a new loan

Solar is a great deal for the customer and can help sell more homes. Cape Fear Solar can help you offer this option to your customers.

Speaking of Options

Build with the Future in Mind
Make Your Homes Solar Ready

Let’s get your customers on the road to energy independence. We work with architects and builders to make sure the site is suited for solar energy, then design a system to maximize energy production. Combined with the energy efficiencies you are currently building into your homes, together we can help the customer move closer to net zero energy usage.

By incorporating solar ready into your building projects, you not only have the lowest installation cost, but are ensuring that the design is aesthetically pleasing. Should the customer decide to install the solar panels at a later date, making the new home “Solar Ready,” (pre-wiring your house during the construction phase) allows for a smooth, hassle free addition down the road.

Incorporating solar into new construction protects the customer against future utility rate increases. Building a more energy independent house that requires significantly less in operating costs is worth more on the resale market.

As more and more customers look for energy efficiency in their new homes, the value of this option will continue to increase.

We work with 100+ local builders… and counting

Our reputation, professionalism, and extensive new construction experience will put both the architect and master builder at ease. We will work together to make the solar process straightforward, painless, and cost-effective.

Let us support you in designing and building homes with minimal energy bills. We also offer marketing support to builders, architects, and developers looking to distinguish themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage. Contact us for more information.

Solar factors to consider when designing and building your new home:

For ideal solar panel production, we recommend a southern facing roof surface, +/- 45 degrees of due south, with little to no shade on the roof.

ape Fear Solar Systems | Wilmington, NC | New Construction

Keep vent pipes, ventilation fans, and chimneys on the other roof surfaces to maximize unobstructed roof space for the panel installation.

ape Fear Solar Systems | Wilmington, NC | New Construction

Ideal roof pitch to maximize solar production in the Southeastern, NC area is 34 degrees or 8:12 – but just about any pitch will work.

Cape Fear Solar Systems | Wilmington, NC | Solar Home

Plan to leave about 48” of unobstructed wall space next to your utility meter area for mounting the necessary electrical equipment.

Leave space for several circuit breakers in the electric panel.

Anticipate shading from surrounding buildings and trees.

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