City Approves 5-story Office Building and 14,994 square foot warehouse 

Cape Fear Solar Systems has received Wilmington City Council approval to commence construction of a new headquarters in downtown Wilmington. The 5-story office building will be 75 feet tall and offer a wonderful view of the Cape Fear River from the rooftop terrace. The 14,994 square foot warehouse will house solar panels, trailers and equipment.  

The project, located at 901 S. Front Street, represents a major milestone for Wilmington as environmental sustainability is at the core of Wilmington’s future. Cape Fear Solar Systems will follow the city’s comprehensive plan to help nurture our community. Natural resources are a major factor in attracting residents and visitors to the area. Cape Fear Solar Systems’ solar campus will feature interaction with the natural habitat; from parks, water and open spaces—all critical for Wilmington’s future success.

“The community is really excited about this project,” said Cassandra Barba, sales and marketing manager for Cape Fear Solar Systems. “Throughout the approval process we have received a significant amount of support from staff, our customers and Wilmington area residents.”

Cape Fear Solar Systems’ project will have three phases with the LEED Certified, net-zero office building and the warehouse being completed during phase one. Phase two will include a 2-story net-zero demonstration home and a solar covered electric vehicle charging station. Phase three will feature several solar powered multi-family structures. A timeline for the project has not yet been determined.

Currently Cape Fear Solar Systems employees 22 talented individuals and is currently looking to add more. With the new building at full capacity, we project employing approximately 65 individuals. Bringing more jobs to the Cape Fear region is important for the health of our community.

“We are thrilled to have a solar campus where we can host clean energy events for our customers, school groups, and clean energy organizations,” explained Robert Parker, Cape Fear Solar Systems senior project manager and commercial solar developer. “Our new solar campus will allow us to put a greater focus on clean energy education from the environmental impacts to the financial benefits,” concludes Parker.

“Solar popularity is growing. Consumers do not enjoy paying their increasingly high electric bills, plus 2019 is the last year to receive the full 30% solar tax credit,” Forrest Sanderson, residential project developer for Cape Fear Solar Systems explains. “I love that I am helping people save money while helping the environment. The new building will allow us to help more home and business owners.”