Local solar installation company, Cape Fear Solar Systems designed and installed a solar array in the shape of an American flag to honor U.S. veterans. The rooftop flag is highly visible from air traffic and the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. With the Wilmington International Airport just 5 miles away—planes will have an optimal view of the rooftop American flag when flying in and out of Wilmington.

“It was our goal to have the flag up in time for Memorial Day as a tribute to veterans. We are very close to military bases and feel this is something small we can do to simply thank our military for their service,” stated Robert Parker, Senior Project Manager for Cape Fear Solar Systems.

The 51 kW solar system designed in the shape of an American flag will power operations at Cape Fear Solar Systems’ warehouse, located at 901 South Front Street. While the solar panels are visible from the street, the view is best from the air as well as by vehicle when approaching Wilmington from the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

“Our staff and community are really excited about our new headquarters. Cape Fear Solar Systems is the only local solar company in the area, and we feel it is important to have a visible storefront. With all the air traffic and military planes flying above Wilmington—it only made sense that we honor our U.S. Military,” explained Cassandra Barba, Director of Marketing and Communications for the company.

Cape Fear Solar Systems owner and CEO, John Donoghue had a vision of their warehouse with solar panels designed as an American flag over 5 years ago, and today that dream is finally a reality. Cape Fear Solar will move into their new warehouse in September. However, the construction will continue as later phases of the project include a 4-story office building, a 2-story net-zero demonstration home, a solar-covered electric vehicle charging station, and several solar-powered multi-family structures.

Cape Fear Solar Systems has been empowering home and business owners with energy independence for 15 years throughout southeastern North Carolina. The company is known in the region for their commitment to quality and ethical practices and has won several awards, including the Better Business Bureau Award of Excellence, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce’s Coastal Entrepreneur Award, the Wilmington Greater Business Journal’s Coastal Entrepreneur Award, and many others.