Cape Fear Solar Systems held a groundbreaking ceremony the morning of December 20, 2019 to kick-off the construction of a new headquarters in downtown Wilmington. Attendees included many Cape Fear Solar employees, the company’s very first solar customers, representatives of the Better Business Bureau, the President/CEO of Wilmington Chamber, local business owners, business representatives, and the individuals responsible for the design and construction of the solar campus.

Cape Fear Solar Breaks Ground

Cape Fear Solar Systems hired Michael Connor of Alternative Architecture to design the solar campus using passive solar techniques, plenty of green space, and of course, enough solar to power operations. Eric Lazzari is the general contractor in charge of the project. Lazzari was responsible for connecting Cape Fear Solar Systems with their very first customer back in 2007. Both Connor and Lazzari were present during the groundbreaking ceremony and spoke about the project. The 14,994 square foot warehouse will be constructed first to house solar panels, trailers, and equipment.  The 5-story office building will be constructed after the new warehouse is operable. The office building will be 75 feet tall and offer a wonderful view of the Cape Fear River from the rooftop terrace.

Machinery has been delivered to the site located at 901 S. Front Street. This project represents a major milestone for Wilmington, as environmental sustainability is at the core of Wilmington’s future.

“This is a really big deal for us. I am thankful for everyone who is a part of this project and everyone who is supporting us,” started John Donoghue, president of Cape Fear Solar Systems. Donoghue has named the solar campus Spindletop after the January 1901 “Lucas Gusher” in Texas, Spindletop oilfield, which produced more oil in one day than the rest of the world’s oilfields combined. With the new solar campus, Cape Fear Solar Systems will have the capacity to increase solar installations by 400%. The new campus will also provide more clean energy career opportunities.  

“We really need more space to support the growing demand for solar,” explained Robert Parker, senior project manager and commercial solar developer for Cape Fear Solar Systems. “With electric cost increases on the horizon, home and business owners can’t afford to not go solar now. I have been in solar for almost 5 years and the demand is steadily increasing,” continued Parker.

“I am really excited about breaking ground,” explained Gabe Amey, residential project developer for Cape Fear Solar Systems. “I’m excited to be part of Cape Fear Solar Systems. We really stand behind our products and services. It makes a big difference—I get calls on occasion from individuals that went solar with another company and now that company no longer answers their calls. The calls always end the same, ‘I wish I would have gone with you guys’,” Amey concluded.

Cape Fear Solar Systems would like to thank the community and their wonderful customers for their continued support starting this project.

To watch a video of the ceremony click here.