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Welcome to the Cape Fear Solar Systems Video Series!


Cape Fear Solar Systems has big news to share – we are coming out with a new video series! Within our Cape Fear Solar Systems video series we will be talking all things solar including tips and tricks, solar how-tos, and even tutorials for you learn more about your system.

A little bit about our background: Cape Fear Solar was created 12 years ago in Wilmington, NC with hopes of  spreading awareness of solar. CFSS also strove to make a difference in both the Wilmington community as well as the environment. As the #1 SunPower panel dealer in the Southeast, we are proud to say we only install the best. Click and watch the video above to learn more about our new video series!


Episode 1: The Benefits of Going Solar

We here at Cape Fear Solar Systems are happy to welcome you to the first episode of our video series!  In this episode, we covered the benefits and motivators that go along with going solar. These motivators include federal solar tax credits, owning your power, and making an investment that could increase the resell value of your real estate.

Interested in solar? Check out other videos on our channel of varying SunPower solar panel installations in Wilmington, NC and Wrightsville Beach, NC. We would love to make you a part of the Cape Fear Solar Systems family!


Episode 2: Is Your Home Suitable for Solar?

We are excited to introduce you to the third episode of our Cape Fear Solar Systems video series – Is Your Home Suitable for Solar? This quick animation covers the three key factors we look for in a home when considering them as candidates for solar installations. After viewing this “explainer” video, you can quickly grasp if your home is a qualified for our services.

Want to learn if your home is a good fit for solar? Click on “Cape Fear Solar Systems” in the yellow box at the end of this video – we will contact you at our earliest availability!


Episode 3: Conquering Solar Quotes

It’s almost fall – and time for Video Series Episode 3: Conquering Solar Quotes. This video is meant to equip you with all of the proper tools necessary to analyze, understand, and choose the solar quote that best suits your solar needs. From panel information to production guarantees, conquering solar quotes is here to help you further understand all things solar.

More questions? No problem. Learn more about solar at or give our office a call at 910-409-5533!


Episode 4: Co-Creating Your Solar System

What better day to release another video from our series than a Friday! Welcome to video series Episode 4 – Co-Creating Your Solar System. Within this video, you will learn the three key factors we consider while co-creating your solar system with you. Our goal? Making the customer happy – and including you in the creation process every step of the way.

Click to learn about our creation process, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow along with our series & much more!


Episode 5: 3 Tips to Giving a Great Solar Referral

Welcome to Episode 5 of our video series – 3 Tips to Giving a Solar Referral. This episode covers the three main points to touch on when giving us, Cape Fear Solar, a GREAT solar referral.

We always love receiving customer referrals. Why you may ask? Because we are adding more members to the solar community, of course! When considering if your family member, friend, or colleague is a good candidate for a solar referral considering the following: the orientation of their roof space, how long they plan to stay in their current home, and how long they will tolerate rising utility rates. Take a look at Video Series Episode 5 to learn more – we can’t wait to see your awesome solar referrals.


Episode 6: The SunPower Difference

Welcome to Video Series Episode 6: The SunPower Difference. When considering going solar, many potential customers question what product we use – and more importantly, why? We here at Cape Fear Solar believe in only using the best: and that’s why we use SunPower. Want to learn more about the SunPower Difference?

Take a look at Episode 6 for a few quick reasons on why we choose and trust SunPower for our customers.


Episode 7: How Solar Works

For our first November episode, we thought we would take it back to the basics. Welcome to Video Series Episode 7: How Solar Works. As the solar experts, it is our job to break down solar step by step to help our customers understand just exactly how solar energy produces electricity.

Take a look at Episode 7 to gain a quick understanding of how SunPower panels take energy emitted from the sun, and help to save you money on your monthly electricity bills.

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