First Net Zero Home in Downtown Wilmington

Lazzari Construction Inc. Built a Net Zero Home Powered By Solar

Downtown Wilmington is changing as modern architecture integrates and residents become more conscious of their carbon footprints. Eric and Donna Lazzari are doing their part to positively impact the environment by constructing downtown Wilmington’s first net zero home. The home located on 4th Street features 30 solar panels installed by Cape Fear Solar Systems. To avoid losing power during grid outages, the Lazzari’s have also chose to have Cape Fear Solar install 2 Tesla Powerwalls.

Eric is the president of Lazzari Construction Inc. and the general contractor overseeing downtown Wilmington’s first net zero home, as well as Cape Fear Solar Systems new headquarters (also coming to downtown Wilmington). Lazzari construction builds 2-5 custom homes each year in the Wilmington area. These homes feature energy efficient upgrades, high-end finishes, and often solar by Cape Fear Solar Systems. Lazzari construction homes are often referred to by clients as their dream homes.  “This is the first home we have built entirely for ourselves and we have put a tremendous amount of thought into the design,” Eric Lazzari explained. The home will work for the Lazzari’s now and well into their retirement by design as it features amenities such as a walk-in shower and tub. Every detail was carefully planned, even the homes orientation to accommodate maximum production for their solar panels. Eric went on to say, “we knew we wanted solar and have known John [president of Cape Fear Solar Systems] for years. We know the kind of work his company does, so there was never a question as to who we would have install our panels. By choosing Cape Fear Solar, you know you are getting quality.”

“The amount of energy the solar panels will produce will be more than enough to power our home,” Donna Lazzari shares. The Lazzari’s 1,600 sq ft home will be powered by 10.05 kWs of solar. “With our solar panels, we will save a lot of money on electricity cost now and throughout our retirement, but we are mainly installing solar to reduce our need to rely on fossil fuels and live as green as possible,” she concluded. Donna is an environmental and chemical engineer and has dedicated majority of her life working to make a positive impact on the environment and now her home will allow her to make an even greater impact now and throughout their retirement.

Energy efficient features of downtown Wilmington’s first net zero home include thick well-sealed and insulated exterior walls, as well as energy star appliances. The Lazzari’s say they haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary to make their home qualify as a net zero home. They are hoping to see more net zero homes in the future and say they will always recommend Cape Fear Solar Systems as the solar panel installer.

Eric and Donna Lazzari standing in front of their new net zero home located in downtown Wilmington.

Solar panels installed by Cape Fear Solar Systems for downtown Wilmington’s first net zero home.

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