How to Prepare Your Solar Panels for 2023’s ‘Very Active’ Hurricane Season

June 1 is quickly approaching, marking the official start of the 2023 hurricane season, and forecasters are already predicting a ‘very active’ season. Compared...

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Duke Energy’s Net Metering is Changing: Here’s What You Should Know

Net Metering is Not Going Away in North Carolina Starting July 1, 2023, net metering is changing and will look a little different. Here...

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10 Tips on Staying Warm in a Winter Power Outage Without Solar Panels & A Battery

Living close to the coast, we are all too familiar with hurricanes causing power outages during the summer and autumn months. Regardless of whether...

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Ancient Indigenous Passive Solar Design for Modern Day Construction

Did you know that solar energy was once a primary consideration in ancient architecture? Without electricity or indoor plumbing, ancient civilizations had to develop...

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World Humanitarian Day 2022: Revisiting Clinica de Santa Maria

When you flip the light switch, do you have any reservations of whether the lights will come on? What about if you get sick–is...

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Solar Panels in Space: Looking Back to Look Up

Last month, the James Webb Space Telescope revealed high-resolution photos of distant galaxies, including “the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe,”...

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Leveraging Smart Home Automation with Solar Panels

Smart technology is not a new concept. For years now, the Internet of Things (IoT) has included digital thermostats syncing with outside weather conditions,...

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Net Metering 101: Energy Independence While Connected to the Grid

Your home will not consume 100% of the energy your solar panels produce, as soon as it’s produced. You don’t always have every appliance...

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Electric Vehicles Are No Longer the Distant Future, They’re the Present

When you think of all-electric vehicles (EVs), what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of energy independence, soaring gas...

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The Hidden Benefit of Solar Panels in Agriculture: Pollinators

Did you know that solar panels can actually be pollinator-friendly? No, you didn’t read that wrong! A 2021 study by Oregon State University found...

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Power Outages, Grid Security, & Why You Should Consider a Home Battery

With hurricane season around the corner and more conflict brewing abroad, will your home have power if the grid goes down? Solar panels are...

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The History of the White House Solar Panels

The White House…is green? Because our leaders chose to lead by example, solar panels now cost 80% less than in 2008, allowing more people...

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