According to several news reports, Power Home Solar (dba Pink Energy) has closed their doors, leaving thousands of solar customers without a company to service their systems. Wilmington-based Cape Fear Solar Systems always recommends reaching out to the company that initially installed the solar panels if servicing is required; but, in many cases, national companies refuse to return for repairs or have since gone out of business. Cape Fear Solar is aggressively ramping up their service department to meet the needs of abandoned solar customers.

“If the original solar installer is unwilling to travel to repair a system or has since gone out of business—in most cases our dedicated service team can get the solar equipment up and running and even take over manufacturer warranties,” stated Robert Parker, COO for Cape Fear Solar Systems. “We’ve been helping abandoned solar customers for years now. When home and business owners are initially looking into installing solar, I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a local, reputable solar company that will remain in the region long-term in order to honor craftmanship and manufacturer warranties,” Parker concludes.

Cape Fear Solar Systems has been installing solar throughout southeastern North Carolina for over 15 years. In order to meet the growing clean energy needs of our region, Cape Fear Solar constructed a new state-of-the-art warehouse located near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in downtown Wilmington. Located at 901 South Front Street, staff started to move in earlier this month.

“Within our initial consultation for a solar project, we spend a lot of time educating—making sure the property owner knows exactly what solar is expected to do using their specific situation. Solar is a wonderful product that saves property owners a great deal of money and helps the environment but it’s not a fit for everyone. We look at everything closely before we sell a system to make sure it’s a good fit for our customer. And, if it’s not, we tell them just that,” stated Gabe Amey, Sales Manager for Cape Fear Solar Systems. Amey has helped hundreds of property owners go solar throughout southeastern North Carolina.

Cape Fear Solar Systems uses all highly trained and skilled in-house staff for every stage of the energy project, from design to installation, ensuring each project demonstrates quality and craftmanship. Customers of Cape Fear Solar receive unlimited post-installation support included with their project, and the solar panels are warrantied for 25 years.

Cape Fear Solar Systems employees standing in front of their new solar-powered warehouse located at 901 S Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401. The solar panels are installed in the shape of an American flag, as a tribute to US veterans.