Percent Offset
Projected 25-Year Savings

The Situation

Keith and Heidi Nelson installed solar panels right after Hurricane Florence. Working for Wrightsville Beach Fire Department and PPD, respectively, the Nelson's know the importance of technology and security.

After getting their roof replaced from hurricane damage, the Nelson's chose Cape Fear Solar Systems to install a photovoltaic system on the their home to:

Mitigate high energy costs

Minimize their home's carbon footprint

The Strategy

After an on-site assessment by our team took all of the above factors into consideration, Cape Fear Solar Systems worked with the Nelson's to design and install 24 SunPower panels and microinverters, totalling 7.8 kilowatts and offsetting 80% of their home's energy usage.

The Benefits & Savings

In addition to the nearly $46,000 in projected savings over the next 25 years, the Nelson's solar arrays will be offsetting 336,480 lbs of CO2 annually, the equivalence of planting 6,730 trees. Talk about a carbon reduction!

This system features a 25-year warranty but is expected to have a 40-year lifespan. Cape Fear Solar Systems will continue to provide monitoring services to ensure production and savings maintain or exceed the forecasted metrics.