Duke Energy Solar Rebate

Reading time: Less than a minute 01/11/2018 News

Duke Energy Progress is working toward a clean energy future and that plan includes solar.

They have been working with many external stakeholders in the Carolina’s including environmental organizations, solar developers, large business customers, solar rooftop installers and many others to develop a plan for future renewable energy growth in the region. Duke Energy is excited to offer customers options meeting their diverse needs and interests to engage in solar energy.

Because Duke Energy considers solar energy as a vital component contributing to our nation’s future, they announced plans to offer rebates for residential solar generation. Many residential customers find the average upfront cost of going solar to be challenging and Duke Energy believes solar rebates will help customers overcome the initial cost.

As a front-runner solar provider in the region, we will be informed once the rebate is launched. We always help our customers maximize savings by letting them know of all current and possible future rebates and incentives. Customers with tax liability going solar in 2018 can expect a 30% Federal Tax Income Credit. With the current offers in place, you can’t afford not to go solar. Give us a call and we will help you take advantage of all offers in your service area.

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